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Gabby's Pestilent Sin Den and Crumpet Emporium

I slash for America

Gabby "Punks jump up to get beat down" Reeve
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I once found myself listening to "TipToe Through the Tulips" and really, really liking it. If that doesn't tell you everything you need to know about me, I'm not sure what will. Rage Against the Machine and "The Best of the Girl Groups" reside in comfortable solidarity on my iPod. My DVD shelves are stacked high with independent gay movies, terrible SciFi television shows and various other vaguely shameful media products to which I am unreasonably devoted. I have been know to walk ten city blocks out of my way in order to procure good Indian food. To the outside world, I'm a chipper (i.e. highly caffeinated) college freshman with an unnatural attachment to fictional worlds of all kinds and a penchant for the gays. In the tawdry realm of the internets, I am a smut reading lurker, rabid vid lover and devoted slasher. I currently reside in New York City, getting by on my wits and the free drinks the nice people at Starbucks sometimes give me. Mostly this journal is home to my rambling thoughts, vids and occasional fannish musings. And a lot of whining about school, I won't lie to you on that front. Other than that, sit back, relax and let the crack wash over you.

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